The believer’s life, in both good times and bad, is filled with moments of calling unto the Divine; breaks from the ephemeral, where the profound reality of God as Lord and man as slave is made manifest. 

In conformity with the divine command ‘Call on Me and I will answer you’ (Koran 40:60), we find resplendent supplications in the Koran itself and those taught by the Messenger of God (God bless him and give him peace), from whose perfect example scholars have then composed their own prayers.

Now available for digital mp3 download for the very first time, these litanies are selected from Sheikh Nuh Keller’s Invocations of the Shadhili Order (Al-Fath, 2007), authored by Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadhili (d. 658/1260) and those who followed his way. The prayers are among the most sublime and eloquent of those that have come to us, and impart something of the way he was with Allah. The translator’s felicitous rendering into English, combined with the rhythm and sonority with which they are recited, evoke awe and love of the Divine.

Calling unto the Divine (Digital MP3 Download)